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Twink Stuffing - Models: Derek Shaw, Ezra Tanner

Description: Derek Shaw holds hot twink, Ezra Tanner close as the two tear into one another with wild, passionate kisses. Shaw sheds his flannel shirt, then pulls the pretty blond’s long sleeve over his head. Derek’s jeans start to tighten, as his cock stiffens, creating magnetic heat that our boy, Ezra can’t stay away from. Derek’s deliciously deep voice murmurs, “suck my fucking dick,” sending Tanner to his knees, up for the challenge. Ezra swallows as much of the massive meat as he can, with some salacious encouragement from Shaw, who tells him, “you look pretty cute, with a dick in your mouth.” When Shaw finally pulls the lil’ dude up for air, he plants a kiss on him, smacks his ass, then orders him onto the bed. There, Tanner gets his smooth, tight tail tongued, in an epic ass eating, where Shaw shines like the top titan he is. Once he’s prepared that perfect pink pucker, Derek eases back on the bed, and orders up a raw ride from his boy’s wet, warm hole. Eager Ezra bounces on the beefy beast like it’s his birthday, moaning with pleasure as he pounds his pristine posterior down hard. Next, Derek orders his twink toy onto his back… “right fucking now.” Tanner does as he’s told, and is rewarded with a devilishly good dicking, and a toe sucking for his efforts. Shaw bends the boy up like a pretzel, manhandling the twink’s tight, tiny body around by the ankles, as he pleases, before easing Ezra’s legs over to the side for a sizzling smash. Coming into the scorching hot- home stretch, Shaw stretches Tanner’s legs spread eagle, giving us a glorious view of the twink, as he tugs his cock to completion! Creamy white gold gushes from the guy’s rock hard hog, coating his creamy complexion, as it soothes his sexy six pack. The sticky sight causes Shaw’s sack tighten, and he heaves a huge, hearty load all over Tanner’s trashed tail, covering that hot, pink hole with fresh, healthy, hunk-bust. He plunges his big beast back in the boy’s beautifully banged out back door, and kisses him once more.

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Uncut Cream Pie - Models: Aiden Garcia, Cameron Moore

Description: Twink porn titan, Aiden Garcia, and newcomer-cutie, Corey Moore make magic in this bone buster, which opens with the guys already locked in a lusty embrace. The canoodling leads to an extra hot moment if the dudes rubbing their protruding packages together in sexy boy underwear, which then sends Cameron down to his knees. He sheds Aiden off his shorts, and gets smacked in the smooth chest with Garcia’s girthy gift. Then, the sexy, young star shows off his delicious deep throat skills, sucking the big beast all the way to the base. Wanting to show his appreciation, Latin lover Aiden pantses the pretty boy, and returns the favor. After choking Cameron’s fat cock down, Garcia tosses the twink’s legs in the air, and tongues that tasty tail till the dude whimpers with pure pleasure. The tan, tatted hottie then heaves his huge hog deep in Cameron’s can. And, the lil’ dude can definitely take some dick! He swallows the beefy battering-ram to the balls from the start; and, Aiden does not go easy on the guy! Garcia plays with the twink’s perfect pole as he plunges his piece in deep. The thought of the dude’s D filling his derrière floods his mind, causing Aiden to ask for a fucking. Happy to oblige, Cameron cocks his partner doggy style, before the fine fellas flip once more. Moore squats on top of Aiden’s more than ample appendage, for a raw ride that’ll leave you breathless. Slumped over on top of Aiden, Cameron grips the sheets, powerless against the pleasure being pounded inside him by Garcia’s hard hammering hips as he thrust them up. Unable to hold back any longer, Moore launches an extra large load all over Garcia’s golden torso. Glistening with a gorgeous amount of guy goo, Aiden’s hips heave harder; then, he spreads the boy’s butt, and busts deep inside. When he uncorks, Cameron’s can is covered in cream. As an added bonus, pretty boy pushes out a plethora of pure white gold from his guts.
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Blind Date: Jacob Hansen and Brett Daniels - Models: Jacob Hansen, Brett Daniels

Description: Jacob Hansen is celebrating his birthday in a new town, with a blind date. However, Brett Daniels is running a bit late to meet him; but, when he finally does show up, he has a big birthday balloon in tow! That’s when Jacob realizes this thoughtful, gorgeous guy is gonna give me a birthday to remember, and boy does he! After an entrancing night on the town, the guys wind up in the bedroom, unwrapping all Hansen’s perfect birthday presents. Wanting to make this a b-day to remember for his new dude, Daniels puts a deep throat, lusty licking on Jacob’s juicy jock, as he locks eyes with the man of the hour. Brett has a big birthday candle for his guy, and Jacob makes sure it’s blown full, and proper. Next on the menu, is Hansen’s delicious birthday cake, which Brett makes a mighty meal of. After, Daniels lays back up on the bed. Jacob takes the hottie’s hint, and hops on his huge hog for a rip roarin’ ride! Brett’s birthday cakes have been looking tasty to Hansen all night. So, the boys switch it up, and Brett receives a big dick banging, like it’s HIS birthday! Gorgeous, glistening, sex sweat starts to gleam on Daniels as Hansen mounts him like a lion, then switches to doggy, while Brett looks back at him. Then, the birthday boy orders his gorgeous gift onto his back. Daniels does as he’s told; and, Hansen hammers the hottie out hard, while holding his ankles in the air. Jacob’s giant brings Brett’s throbbing bone to a boil, and he bursts, covering his peaches, and cream torso with a fresh batch of boy bust. His tightening twink tunnel turns Hansen’s hog into a fire hose, and he douses the dude down with some lusty, liquid dick! The birthday bust shoots up onto Brett’s chest, with the rest of the golden boy’s goo going all over that freshly fucked ass. This is DEFINITELY a birthday Hansen will keep in his spank bank for ages to come; and, so will you!

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Holiday Affairs | Part 9: Balls Drop - Models: Johnny Hands, Garrett Kinsley

Description: As soon as Garrett lays eyes on the party’s host, he knows he’s wants a (big) piece of Johnny. He’s ready to ring in the New Year by getting his bells rung by the hottie, and he’s got the game to get it done.

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Return to Helix Academy: Chapter 6 - Models: Josh Brady, Riley Finch, Travis Stevens

Description: Travis is back in town, and Eli can’t wait to see him. The excitement is briefly screeched to a halt when he crosses paths with Trevor, who is still trying to plead his case. Get over it Trevor!

After Eli puts Trevor in his place, he finally gets to see Travis. Unfortunately, he also sees Riley topless on Travis’ couch. Feeling betrayed yet again, Eli takes off, and Riley stays for some fun with Travis and Josh.

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Brotherhood of Games | Ch. 9 Final Session - Models: Mark Wolf, Cesar Rose, Gil Donovan

Description: The Master arrives with his slave, this time Cesar Rose, to begin the last session of the year of the Brotherhood of Games. He immediately gets horny, because Gil Donovan is tied up and subdued by 2 members of the brotherhood, while The Master forces Cesar Rose to suck all the other brothers.

Then The Master continues directing everything and forces Cesar Rose to penetrate Gil Donovan who is still tied, at the end The Master climbs behind a penetration train and all the brothers masturbate their members around.

They are still on the penetration table, they all penetrate each other again and Cesar Rose explodes in an unforgettable breeding. Finally everyone will make a round of cum in Gil Donovan's mouth, a very hot bukakke that ends of course with The Master. The year ended in the brotherhood and it had to be very hot, promising that the following year they would continue with the sessions.

"El Maestre" llega con su esclavo, esta vez Cesar Rose, para dar comienzo a la ultima sesión del año de la hermandad de los juego. De inmediato se pone caliente, porque Gil Donovan esta atado y sometido por 2 miembros de la hermandad, mientras El Maestre obliga a Cesar Rose a chupar a todos los demás hermanos.

Luego El Maestre sigue dirigiendo todo y obliga a Cesar Rose a penetrar a Gil Donovan que sigue atado, al final El Maestre se sube detrás de un tren de penetración y todos los hermanos masturban sus miembros alrededor.

Siguen en la mesa de penetración, vuelven a penetrarse todos y Cesar Rose explota en un breeding inolvidable. Finalmente todos harán una ronda de semen en la boca de Gil Donovan, un bukakke muy caliente que termina por supuesto con El Maestre. Termina el año en la hermandad y tenia que ser muy caliente, prometiendo que el año siguiente continuaran con las sesiones.
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I Asked Him To Close His Eyes, And Then I Kissed Him | Gay Romance | My Best Friend

Lorenzo, is a quiet teen living in a small town. His father decides to host Caito, the son of a friend, for a while. As the boys spend more time together, their friendship is evolving towards deeper feelings. Then Caito reveals a secret…

8teenBoy: Petite Pounding - Models: Garrett Kinsley, Austin Lovett

Description: Newbie Austin Lovett has been anxious to get at gorgeous golden boy Garrett Kinsley. He finally gets his chance in this big dicked, twink showdown, making his way from the sinewy sex god’s mouth to that massive piece of meat in Kinsley’s throbbing crotch! Austin unwraps the prized piece. It bounces out of Garrett’s groin huggers, igniting the boy’s superb suck skills. Lovett lays into the rock har, heat seeking missile with all his might, as Garrett grabs him by the hair. With his schlong, spit slick, Kinsley lifts Lovett by the face, plants a kiss on his lips, then plants his lips on the newbie’s knob. He deep throats the dude’s dong with perfect pornstar skill, then turns the twink around and tongues that tight rush. Lovett looks hot as hell with hair dangling in his face as Kinsley power eats that ass. With the hottie’s hole ready, Garrett gives him the goods. He spanks the boy’s bottom, then crams every thick dick inch inside him. After opening Austin up a bit, cock master Kinsley cranks up the heat, holding Lovett by the hips and hittin’ it hard enough to fill the room with the sweet sound of ass smashing sex. Keeping it spicy, Garrett asks Austin to switch it up, and our new boy is definitely down! He slides his smooth piece into Kinsley’s cock hungry hole, fucking him sideways, till the tasty twinks trade topping once more! Garret goes back in the boy’s beautiful butt with a rump rocking vengeance as Austin strokes his schlong with heavy breath. He jacks that juicy jock till it jizzes all over. Then he aims that pretty face of his right at Kinsley’s cock, accepting the dude’s delicious ooze all over his mug and open mouth before the spent fuckbuddies share a cum covered kiss.

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Beach Bums: Part 1
It's a beautiful day at the beach as young gay lovers explore their sexuality and test the limits of their relationships.

Directed by Max Carter
Starring Johnny Hands, Travis Stevens, Trevor Harris, Devin Holt, Riley Finch, Keagan Case, Dawson Grant, Austin Lovett, Levi Rhodes, and Chase Williams

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Wet: Part Four - Models: Alex Riley, Riley Finch

Description: After a hot sweat session with Jace and Eli, Riley is ready to shoot his shot with his crush. Riley asks Alex to take a break from the pool to have a chat inside. One thing leads to another and Riley gets the ride of his life.

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Beach Bums: Behind The Scenes Part 1
Whats better than watching gay porn? Watching from behind the scenes! Follow these sexy young gay actors on location at the beaches of San Diego.

Directed by Trevor Harris
Starring Travis Stevens, Devin Holt, Johnny Hands, Riley Finch, Trevor Harris, Chase Williams, Keagan Case, Levi Rhodes, Dawson Grant and Austin Lovett.

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Helix Soccer Team | Ep. 3 Goalkeeper’s Goal - Models: Dave Andrew, Francis Gerard

Description: By watching this episode, you have a special pass into the locker room of a professional soccer stadium, where the youngest are trying out to play in the major Latin leagues. In this case, sports talents seek to get to play first and, for that, they go through many demanding tests. What better than being able to relax in the locker room after training? Or better, before going on the court. Dave discovers that the butt of the goalkeeper, Francis likes as much as playing ball and tells him so. Francis leans against the locker, Dave kisses him. Then he sucks his dick and penetrates him on all fours. They use the bench so that Francis sits on Dave and eventually penetrates him with his legs over his shoulder. The goalkeeper really lets himself be won by a landslide, with the other player's cock going in and out of his hole over and over again and his balls bouncing against his skin ... The final goal is when he ends up in the mouth and with a slap to his face full of semen, he goes to bathe. The adventures of Dave and the young Latino soccer players continue in the next episode, number 4, where Dave meets two other rookie players, can anything happen in this hot locker room? Everything and more.
Al acceder a este episodio, tienes un pase especial a los vestuarios de un estadio de fútbol soccer profesional, donde los más jóvenes se están probando para jugar en las grandes ligas latinas. En este caso, los talentos deportivos buscan llegar a jugar en primera y, para eso, pasan por muchas pruebas exigentes. ¿Qué mejor que poder relajarse en el vestuario después de entrenar? O mejor, antes de salir a la cancha. Dave descubre que el trasero del arquero, Francis le gusta tanto como jugar a la pelota y se lo dice. Francis se deja tocar la cola contra el locker, Dave lo besa. Luego le mama el pene y lo penetra en cuatro patas. Usan la banca de manera que Francis se sienta sobre el pene de Dave y al final lo penetra con las piernas sobre el hombro. Realmente el arquero se deja ganar por goleada, con el pene del otro jugador entrando y saliendo de su agujero una y otra vez y sus pelotas rebotando contra su piel… El gol final es cuando le acaba en la boca y con una bofetada en su cara llena de semen, se va a bañar. Las aventuras de Dave y de los jóvenes futbolistas latinos siguen en el próximo episodio, el número 4, donde Dave se encuentra a otros dos jugadores novatos, ¿todo puede pasar en este vestuario caliente? Todo y más.

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A Halloween Story
Devin has a crush on his best friend Josh. And why wouldn’t he? Josh is as sexy as he is unavailable, a lethal combination. With his annual Halloween party on the horizon, Devin distracts himself from his pining and focuses on his roommate Garrett’s brewing boy drama. Witches aren’t the only wicked ones on Halloween, and it’s so much fun to be bad. By the end of the night, will Devin get a treat from Josh, or will he realize it’s too tricky to be sweet on your straight friend?

Wet: Part Three - Models: Jace Myers, Riley Finch, Eli Bennet

Description: Jace, Riley, and Eli never miss a chance to have a good time. They’re happy to attend the impromptu pool party, but Riley has ulterior motives. He’s had a crush on Alex for a while, and since he’s headed back to school in a few days, Jace and Eli coach Riley on how to get the stud in bed. But sometimes, the player has more game than the coaches.

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Happy Campers
When three young gay jocks head to Mt. Charleston to enjoy a weekend among nature, they aren’t expecting to find themselves in the middle of a gay couple’s stormy relationship. A campsite mix-up puts the boys right in the eye of Trevor and Levi's issues. Though Trevor thought the trip would be good for him and Levi, he has no idea just how therapeutic it will be, and that so many things can be fixed with some good-old-fashioned-Vitamin D!